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Boston Symphony Orchestra Invites BFA Young Artist Quartet to Perform Outreach Concert

The BFA Young Artist Quartet members (Brendan Dooley, Emma Huelskamp, Elizabeth Sperry, and Jinji Zhang) were honored with an invitation to perform in a Boston Symphony Orchestra outreach concert at the Edison School in Brighton, MA, which took place on Friday, January 6, 2012.  The event was organized by BSO representative Emilio Gonzales (Manager of Curriculum Research and Development), and also featured BSO representative Cynthia Meyers (solo piccolo for the BSO).

During the concert, the Young Artist Quartet performed George McKay’s “Lyric Poem” as a quartet, plus each played solo works that demonstrated different aspects of flute technique.

Thank you to Emilio Gonzales and Cynthia Meyers for their superb organization of the event, and for their invitation to the quartet!  Also, thank you to Brendan, Emma, Elizabeth, and Jinji for volunteering their time and playing so beautifully!  It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved!