BFA Highlights of 2014-2015 Season

Check back as we continue to add more events to this page!

  • BFA kicked off the new school year with Guest Artist Carol Wincenc on Saturday, September 20th, 2014.  THANK YOU to CAROL WINCENC of the Juilliard faculty for such a marvelous Flute Masterclass & Performance at Boston Flute Academy!  BFA flute students performed works by Bozza, CPE Bach, Berbiguier, Muczynski, Karg-Elert.  Ms. Wincenc performed a CPE Bach Trio Sonata for 2 flutes & keyboard with BFA Flute Faculty David Houston and pianist Joy Cline Phinney!  What an inspiring event from start to finish!
  • YAMAHA ARTIST Tracy Harris taught a whole weekend of FLUTE CLINICS at BFA on Oct 4th & 5th.   She worked with almost all of our Ensemble & Seminar classes!   Thank you to Tracy and to Yamaha!
  • YAMAHA ARTIST Suzanne Teng presented an amazing WORLD FLUTES CLINIC and PERFORMANCE at BFA on Saturday October 18th, 2014  from 12:30pm-2pm.  Just fabulous!  Many thanks to Suzanne and to the Yamaha Corporation for their continued support of music education.
  • The Flying Flutistas presented two BODY MAPPING WORKSHOPS at BFA on Sunday October 19th, 2014.    First workshop focused on BREATHING, and the second workshop focused on body awareness and “POSTURE THAT EMPOWERS”.   We all learned so much!  Many thanks to Vanessa Mulvey and Lynne Krayer Luke.
  • BFA presented Piccolo Virtuoso Jean-Louis Beaumadier in his Boston Debut Concert on Saturday October 25th, 2014 at Maliotis Cultural Center.  Click here for event page!   
  •  Boston Flute Academy Presented Guest Artist Catherine Payne of the San Francisco Symphony in a PICCOLO MASTERCLASS on Monday November 17, 2014 at the Maliotis Cultural Center in Brookline.  It was absolutely fantastic!  BFA students played orchestral excerpts for piccolo and Vivaldi piccolo concerti in C and a.   Everyone had fun and learned a great deal, performers and audience members alike.
  •  BFA Presented a Recital and Masterclass with GUEST ARTIST GÖRAN MARCUSSON on MARCH 14, 2015 with a great turnout!  To read  more details about the Marcussion event – click here

BFA Marcusson Flyer