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BFA Presents April Recital in Full Bloom!

The second of BFA’s 2012 spring recitals was held on April 7th at Maliotis Cultural Center.  Members of the Adult Ensemble & Seminar class, the Conservatory Ensemble & Seminar class and the Preparatory Ensemble &

BFA Adult Ensemble and Seminar

Seminar class performed.  Students studying privately at BFA, accompanied by Pianist/Faculty member Debbie Emery, also performed.  BFA class of 2011 Young Artist Alumna, Catherine Jones (presently studying flute performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London), made a guest appearance!

Once again, congratulations to all of the wonderful performers, and many thanks to all of our friends, families and audience members for your continued support!  Program details:

Piece for solo flute, by Jacques Ibert

Catherine Jones, BFA Young Artist Alumna

Cantabile et Presto, by George Enesco

Amy Lipman, BFA Repertory Program

Andante for Sonata in e minor, by J.S. Bach

Jamie Park, BFA Conservatory Program

Odeon, by Ernesto Nazareth, arr. Alberto Arantes; and Tico-Tico no Fuba, by Zequinha Abreu, arr. Alberto Arantes

BFA Adult Ensemble & Seminar – Suzie Dasilva, Grace Huang, Peter Kussell with BFA Teaching Assistants – Ceylon Mitchell and Geradline Barazarte.

Night Soliloquy, by Kent Kennan

Alexandra Conza, BFA Conservatory Program

Fantaisie, by Gabriel Faure

Brendan Dooley, BFA Young Artist

Allegro from Sonata in G major, by J.J. Quantz; Chaconne, by Henry Purcel; and Canon from “Musical Offering”, by J.S. Bach

BFA  Preparatory Ensemble & Seminar – Jessica Cheng, Jocelyn Cheng, Elizabeth McCormack, Michael Stankovic with Elizabeth Sperry, Class Mentor; Ceylon Mitchell and Geraldine Barazarte, Teaching Assistants/Conductors; Judy Grant, Coach.

Nocturne, by Lili Boulanger, arr. James Galway

Natalya Tausanovitch, BFA Conservatory Ensemble & Seminar

Intermede (Hommage a Bartok) and Caprice from Quatre Pieces for solo flute, by Jindrich Feld

Jinji Zhang, BFA Conservatory Program

Andante and Allegro from Sonata for flute and piano, by Robert Muczynski

Elizabeth Sperry, BFA Young Artist

Monochrome I, by Peter Schickele and Moderato from Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, by J.S Bach, arr. John E. Davis

BFA Conservatory Ensemble & Seminar – Alexandra Conza, Brendan Dooley (alto flute and piccolo), Amy Lipman (flute and piccolo), Jamie Park, Elizabeth Sperry (flute and piccolo), Natalya Tausanovitch, Jinji Zhang (alto flute), Geraldine Barazarte (Teaching Assistant), Ceylon Mitchell (bass flute – Teaching Assistant); David Houston, Coach/Conductor.